Featured Intimate Session – Miss Y

Featured Intimate Session – Miss Y

I recently had an opportunity to work with the lovely Miss Y. She had spent years working on toning and losing weight and had recently finished her transformation process with some reconstructive surgery. She loves her new body.. and what better way to celebrate it.. than with an Intimate Photo Session with Lovelines Photo?

We spent a month going back and forth, discussing, planning.. sharing concepts… and as she shared more and more with me.. I was able to discern that Miss Y was looking for a very sexy set of photos. At Lovelines, we specialize in all kinds of Intimate Photo Sessions.. so we were easily able to deliver the photos she was looking for… but even we were not expecting the results we ended up with!

Miss Y was nervous on her first day… as is just about every client. I pride myself on being able to read their comfort level, and engage them in a way that makes my clients feel safe and secure.. and at the same time.. create a playful environment that puts people at ease.. I prefer that every session be a great experience for my client that they are excited about.. and eager to do again… and.. I think it shows in the results..

I always tell my clients… expect that we’ll shoot between 100-250 frames per hour… of those… truly.. only about 10% will be “keepers”. So many really great photos from this session, and I attribute it to how quickly Miss Y was able to relax and get into her role as “model”.

While this session is a rare exception in that most of my sessions are NOT this risque’… I think it shows as a great example of how my clients can be “tastefully sexy and seductive” on a level that many photographers will not touch.

***Note – I never share clients nude images without their permission, and I truly appreciate Miss Y for giving me permission to use these photos to help me promote my “sexier” work” ***

Note: All client images used on this site are used only with expressed written permission of the clients depicted in the images.

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