Wet and Sensual Waterfall Sessions

2016 Wet and Sensual Waterfall Sessions

As a glamour photographer, I love shooting in and around water.  Coming up through my learning experience my wife and I have done a lot of work in wet locations working around waterfalls etc.. I just think it brings a sensual flavor to the images without being full nude… but even full nude can be incredibly sexy and beautiful in these beautiful locations.

For years, I’ve had people approach me and tell me that they want to do a waterfall shoot… and we’ve done them for models and clients as well in the past, but there is so much work and so much risk to equipment… it’s just not something I can do frequently.

My location is somewhat remote… out of cell range, and off the beaten path. There is no improved trail to get into my location so the hike in can be a bit arduous as access requires a bit of a bushwhack and at times literally hiking up the stream bed.  The very nature of the hike in offers us presumed privacy for more “intimate” shoots.

I decided after several requests this summer… to put together an day of shooting up at these falls. By doing several in one day, I could eliminate a lot of my costs of travel, and inconvenience of packing, setting up etc… so I passed those savings onto my clients.  3 lovely ladies took advantage of this opportunity and booked sessions. All three of them brought their own ideas, and flavor to their shoot to create three very unique results.


We started out the day with Marsha… she was the real test of whether or not bringing clients into the location was a good idea.  Marsha is one of our older clients and I had some concerns as to whether or not the hike would prove to be too difficult for her. She brought her husband along for support and assistance and together we managed to get her in and out safely.

Together we shot for about 45 minutes, and came up with some lovely and sexy photos… I loved watching her open up as she relaxed… connecting more and more with the camera as her husband encouraged her on from the background.

An incredible experience this 63 year old Grandma will never forget. Michael and his lovely crew were very professional, creating a magical moment Ina lovely setting, resulting in amazing pictures. This was something I had always wanted to do and after this wonderful day would do again in a heartbeat. Every woman( especially us older ladies), should have this experience. You will be amazed. Thank you again Michael and crew for a out of this world experience.Marsha


Courtney and her friend Racheal below, came in together. Courtney recently got married and wanted to have some sexy photos in her wedding dress. Having done Trash the Dress photos before, this was right in our wheelhouse.  After a brief discussion about what she wanted from her shoot we got started.  We went through a series of amazing settings and beautiful images.. and then she turned up the heat a bit…  this location is inspiring… and the privacy it affords.. she decided she wanted something a bit sexier for her husband… and so we went through a series of nude photos for her…and the results are stunning.  It was truly an amazing experience for her, and she loves the photos that we ended up with.


Rachael was my other “concern client”… as she is 5 months pregnant.  As maternity photos go, she was a little early in her term, but the location would be too cold and dangerous when she reached the term we would typically be shooting her.  We still got some amazing photos. Thankfully… her friend came along to help her up.. but she managed to get up to the location with very little assistance.

She watched as we worked with Courtney so when it was her turn.. she was ready!

We discussed briefly what she was after and then started immediately with her nudes…  she had a lovely “Eve” scene she described and I think that we nailed it.  Then she put on her white dress for a few wet shots. I was reluctant to put her very high up in the waterfall… the wet rocks were very slippery.. so we stuck with the lower areas for her and baby’s safety.  One of the things I really love about this location is that there are so many great opportunities for different shots with its many different picturesque settings.

We ran out of light pretty quickly… but not before we got some really great photos… and for Racheal.. the cold kind of dictated when we were done anyway… She was a trooper and braved through a lot… and got a lot of beautiful photos to show for it…

I had seen Michael’s work from this location before and was in awe of how beautiful and sensual the photos were. I’m currently 5 months pregnant and thought pictures with this scenery would be unique and fun. I was worried about falling hiking up, and he had informed me of potential risks. He had several assistants willing to help me in and out of the water, as well as the short hike to and from the site. Everyone was amazing and helped me stay safe and comfortable the whole time. I do not consider myself a photogenic person at all. I was concerned about this, as I never like any pictures that are taken of me. My hope was to get one picture I liked so I could have a metal print made for my husband for our anniversary. Not only did I feel beautiful and amazing during the whole shoot, the pictures turned out beautiful and amazing as well. In fact I’m having a hard time picking just one! Michael is an incredibly talented and kind photographer. I would highly recommend him to anyone!Rachael


Each of these clients came away from their experience with a different result… and we all love the photos we ended up with, and how each mean something different to each of them.  For some it was about feeling beautiful and preserving a moment, for another it was about creating something for someone special, for all of them it was about the experience… and none of them came away disappointed!

By setting up the day the way I did… each of these clients saved about $120 on their session fees… not an insignificant savings.  I’ve decided that this will be an annual event. We will be scheduling another Waterfalll Day in August of 2017.  Look for that date to be announced sometime in early summer. I hope to see you there!

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Note… all images shared from this session are used with permission from the client. 

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