Introducing Queen Jade

Queen Jade by Window Light

Queen Jade returns for an event sexier session! We love using different kinds of lighting to create a “feel” for each session we shoot. Natural diffused lighting is a constant light and the diffusion panels over our windows offer a soft romantic feel. Queen Jade shows the feel of this light with her slender body. This session features simple props, and simple lighting, and minimal wardrobe and make up to accentuate a natural girl’s natural beauty.

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What if I told you that YOU could get a beautiful creative session like this one? Check out our session prices, and find a session that fits your budget. We love to photograph anyone and create a custom beautiful boudoir/intimate session. Some people get an intimate session for that someone special in their lives… others do it just so they celebrate their document their beauty, so they will always be able to reflect. Some people just want the experience of being a “model for a day”.

Whatever your reason, LoveLines Photography is here and ready to capture those beautiful and sexy images for you. A session with Michael is more than just a photo session.. it is an experience. Michael will work with you and in the process make you feel like a model for a day. His manner is very pleasant and complimentary and encouraging. When you’re done you’ll feel beautiful and sexy like you’ve never known.

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