Ophelia Kaine – PDXScene Magazine Ms. March

In Portland once a year, the Portland Leather Alliance holds an event that is well known in the Alt-Lifestyle community. As one of Portland’s longest running kink events, it was a given that we would dedicate most of a magazine issue to Kinkfest.
Not necessarily being into the Kink/BDSM world myself, I wanted to find a model who is into Kink so her poses wouldn’t be too “posey” or like she didn’t know what she was doing with the toys we were posing her with. With the magazine still being just a couple of months old, I also didn’t want someone who would be to hard line edgy… still wanted someone soft, and beautiful and glamorous.
Ophelia Kaine was a perfect choice! She was incredible, giving us lots of great options for poses and toys and equipment… and knowledge of her fetish that allowed us to capture her in a way that was legitimate, and real.

Ophelia made for an excellent Kinkfest issue Featured Model… You can see the article and read all about her in the March Issue of PDXScene Magazine
or click here to see the rest of Ophelia’s set.