Ms Sunday Cooper – PDXScene Magazine Featured Model for May 2018

I met Sunday Cooper while working the photobooth, and was immediately taken with her sexy beauty.  When I approached her to model for us, her boyfriend nearly exploded he was so excited…
A couple of weeks later I got a follow up email, and then a couple of weeks another… they were nothing if not persistant… and that goes a long way with me, so we talked and next thing I know they booked an Air BnB and the shoot was on.
This AirBnB location was amazing. Located in Vancouver, really close to home actually… every single square inch of the place was a nice little corner to shoot in. We literally had so many options for shooting we literally could have shot for two days…
Sunday.. like most new models, started out nervous and rough, but quickly settled into her role as “supermodel” and then the fun started. So many amazing shots, it was tough to narrow them down.
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