Miss Eloise, Featured Model for June 2018 PRIDE Issue

¬†June is Pride month, so we were looking for a model who represented the LGBTQ community. We tried to find someone who better represented PRIDE by being more in the Gay/Trans category but what few bites we got, didn’t really follow through.
Eloise has been on our list of Featured Models for awhile, waiting her turn, and she identifies as Bi-sexual… so we ended up putting her in as our Pride model. We are going to spend the next year seriously looking for next years PRIDE model… if you are in the Gay/Trans category… you’re our model… we WANT to talk to you!
In the end Eloise made for a great PRIDE model because she also wrote an article about what it means to be a Bi girl… and how even she didn’t feel like she qualified to be the Face of PRIDE for PDXScene Magazine.
Eloise is not just one of our beauties though… she is also a good friend and we love her…¬† we hope you do too <3