Cassie Lynn as PDXScene Featured Model for July

You can see the rest of Cassies article in full in the magazine layout by clicking on the image above.

I had talked to Cassie a few times about modeling for me, and she helped out with a couple of promotional gigs I’ve had… so when the opportunity came up for her to be the Featured model for PDXScene Magazine. I was super excited to get her on board!

I was also super excited because for the first time… I had actually caught the wildflower season at the right time of year for maximum bloom… or so I thought.  We coordinated our schedules, and then got up early to beat the sunrise at Dalles Mountain Ranch.

Even though we were a few minutes late arriving, we made the best of it, and got some amazing images. It was a bright and sunny day which made for some challenging contrasty light and squinty eyes..  The other thing, it was literally the coldest day of the month.. at just under 60 degrees with winds blowing… our girl froze her butt off.

But Cassie is a trooper, and like any pro she pushed through the pain and the cold to get the images we were looking for.

Dalles Mountain Ranch is a great location rich with opportunities for shooting photography in general, not just with models. One of the things I particularly like about it is the remote location allows me to work with models either nude or scantily clad without too much concern of public eyes… this week was apparently an exception..

In the first series of shots we are standing out in the middle of a big field of wildflowers, the sun was crosslighting her gorgeously and no sign of anyone for the entire half hour we had been out there… so I told her, with the wind we had, I’d like to grab some creative nude shots with the sheer fabric… it was cold, so I would have understood had she declined, but Cassie being the pro she is, exuberantly agreed.  Wouldn’t you know… the instant we get her naked and start shooting, a car comes around the corner, and stops… At first I was like… lets cover her up and wait… and she was like… no… they’ve already seen me, clearly they want to see the rest of the show lol… so we resumed. They must have watched for several minutes and then turned around and left…  we wrapped up that portion shortly later and moved on to the next location…

We ended the day in this beautiful waterfall. Its an amazing location but I didn’t remember how hard it was to get to. We were packing a lot of gear too. (note to self, next time pack in light… just camera, extra battery, maybe a towel) we hiked up this narrow creek bed, up a small slot canyon and at the end of the canyon there is this cute little (approx 20ft high) waterfall. the base of it was small and shallow, and fairly level… a great, safe location to shoot in.
(Safety and waterfall shooting is sketchy at best, slips and falls are common and debris can wash over the falls without warning, always use extreme caution when working around waterfalls and accept that despite all precautions you are taking some risk)

With the ambient air temperatures in the mid 60’s the water spring fed but quite chilly… was like ice needles pounding on you under the falls. Cassie did an amazing job of making it look beautiful… I am excited to work with her again some more in the future…

If you would like to see more photos from this series, including opportunities to buy prints and downloaded copies follow this link.