Thank you for visiting our site. We offer a wide variety of beautiful and sexy intimate and boudoir photography.
We offer exclusive photography sessions that are designed to be fun and exciting! Our feeling is that if you’re having fun… good photos are a natural by product of that process.  We encourage our clients to have fun with their sessions! Through his fun and flirty approach, Michael has a talent for making his clients comfortable and getting them into their fun and creative mood where “the good stuff” comes from.
At the same time, Michael maintains a level of professionalism where his clients also feel safe and secure. He prides himself on his reputation of professional conduct when working with clients.

The end result is a session where you feel beautiful and glamourous and sexy, while at the same time, knowing you’re safe and your boundaries will always be respected.

A session with Michael isn’t for everyone. Michael puts a lot of time and effort into his sessions planning, shooting, editing and delivering a superior product to his clients. These services do not come cheap… a session with Lovelines is an experience, not a bargain… you want the best… you’re worth it…

All sessions are booked on a “time plus product” basis. We do this because every clients needs are different and all clients are looking for a different experience. We start with your session and then you can add your products once we deliver your photos.

Most clients will be booked on a half day or full day session. We want you to have the “model experience” it truly is the service we deliver.  We treat you to a session that is not rushed, that is fun, and exciting. Expect to pay a session fee of $500-1000 plus product and expenses.

We also have a model portfolio session. These sessions are for existing models who are looking to build their portfolios. These start at $249 for the first two hours.

You can make a session affordable by inviting your friends and making it a sexy photo party! Group rates start at $750 for 2 people +100 per person above that.

YES! We have a photobooth… are you having a sexy party and you want to set up a photobooth? We have a prepaid photobooth (free to your guests) for $500 for 4 hours. We also have a postpaid option where you guarantee the first $300 (by deposit) and your guests pay per session. Once we make $300 from your guests, your deposit is fully refunded.

If after reading these options, you’re still interested in getting more information and potentially booking a session, please use the form below and we will contact you to set up a planning meeting.

Thanks so much!

Please use this field to offer any details that might help us determine the type of shoot you are looking for.