Modeling for Lovelines can be a fun and rewarding opportunity!

We collaborate with models on a trade basis to create interesting photos that are fun and sexy! As a model you get copies of the edited images along with the ability to market them (with certain criteria) and Creative Commons license so you can play with them if you like (Don’t try this with any other photographer).

PDXScene Magazine

We are the primary photographer for PDXScene Magazine.  We shoot a featured model every month that will be the centerfold model for that publication. Being the Featured model involves more than just photos, we also interview you for an accompanying article.  It is a fun and exciting experience for you to be showcased for the month.  We’re now also looking for male models for this role as well as PDXScene Magazine is not a gender specific magazine.
We are looking for the following criteria:

► You must be an active member of either the Ethical Non-monogamy, Kink/BDSM or LGBTQ communities
► You must be reasonably conventionally attractive. (We enjoy photographing “regular folk” and depicting them to be magazine beautiful with minimal photoshop or airbrushing… yes… we want you “flaws” and all!!!)
► You MUST be willing to be depicted sensually and at least partially nude, you must be open and willing to discuss your relationship with your community in a PUBLIC forum. You very much become a FACE of our communities. We can use your pseudonym but we can otherwise guarantee you no other means of privacy protection… if this is an issue for you at all, this is probably not an opportunity for you.

Creative Modeling Projects

Watch our Casting Calls for an opportunity to get in on a creative modeling project. Our Creative Modeling Projects are more forgiving in that we pull from our modeling pool regardless of their affiliation with community.
While the Creative Modeling Projects still follow a sexier, more erotic theme, there may at times be more opportunity for a more anonymity (varies from concept to concept). Rarely we may be looking for projects that involve less exposure so it would be fruitless for you to join our modeling crew if you’re looking for less sexy modeling opportunities. I am however available for hire. See “The difference between a model and a client”

If after reading this, you think you’d like to be considered as a model. Please take a moment to fill out this form, and we will contact you privately if we’re interested in adding you.

Model Application Form
If you don't already have a stage name you will want one. Google is too efficient. You don't want these photos coming up on a google search of your birth name.
Prior modeling experience is not a requirement
All Lovelines models are required to be over the age of 21 before shooting with us. As such we are required to check your ID as a part of the clearing process. For your personal security, you may obscure all items on your photo ID ***EXCEPT*** your photo, your full name, your date of birth and your ID number.
Our photography tends to be sexy and seductive and that does often times include nudity. Please consider this question very carefully. We will select our models based on their comfort level, but we don't want anyone to have regrets about their decision... please respond with the answer you are certain you can be comfortable with.
This information helps me in post-process editing
Sometimes we may be able to help provide wardrobe
Sometimes we may be able to help provide wardrobe
Sometimes we may be able to help provide wardrobe
Upon submission of this form, we will review your application and if we're interested in adding you to our modeling cast, we will reach out to you to schedule a planning consultation.